Five Way Foods Launches Broth-Based Nutrition Kits

Press Release - November 1, 2017 (Read the full post here)

Five Way Foods, LLC (, producer of all-natural vegetable and bone broths, announces the launch of three broth-based nutrition kits designed to promote health and wellness. In response to customers, seeking guidance on how bone broth could be integrated into their diets, the Five Way Foods team, working with nutritionist, Sam Teece MPH RDN, developed these three nutrition kits with daily dietary guidelines and uses. Each kit helps make broth a core ingredient in a healthy daily diet.

“We need to stop over-complicating the idea of a ‘cleanse’ with all the fancy concoctions and plans,” says Sam Teece MPH RDN. “Bone broth is an elemental form of nutrition, as simple as it gets. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy mind, plus the bonus of the collagen and elemental vitamins and minerals found in fresh-made bone broth, like the ones in the Five Way Foods Nutrition Kit line - that type of strategy is what can promote overall health.”

Each Five Way Foods Nutrition Kit is geared toward a very specific goal and person: The Home Cook Kit, Replenish Kit and Wellness Kit. Each kit comes with four (4) bottles of broth and its own meal plan guidelines for integrating Five Way Foods broths into your diet complete with daily dietary guidelines and uses. The Five Way Foods team takes the time to slow-simmer bone broth made with real bones, chock-full of collagen, which boosts the immune system and supports digestive health. Five Way Foods produces bone broths in the following varieties: Chicken, Beef, Fish and a Vegetarian Ginger broth.