Think Twice: Shelf Stable Broth

November 15, 2019

Think Twice: Shelf Stable Broth

There's a reason you won't find Five Way Foods alongside the shelf stable broths our parents used for years. Take a closer look at the label, you'll find a medley of food-like products, but not much of the real thing.  


 In order to make something shelf stable, the product must be either treated with extreme heat or dried to destroy any microorganisms that might carry food borne illness. Both of these processes also destroy the nourishing vitamins and minerals broth traditionally contains, stripping it of many health benefits. Flavor is also entirely compromised, requiring the addition of excess sodium, various forms of sugar, that infamous "natural flavoring", and vegetable concentrate or powder amongst other additives. 

We take pride in crafting our broths the right way – each is slow-simmered and made with local, fresh ingredients. Our process draws out essential minerals, vitamins and proteins, imbuing our broths with remarkable nutrition as well as unbeatable flavor. 


In the spirit of the season, there is no greater gift you can give or receive than good health! We encourage you to stop and think twice this year, skip those center aisles loaded with preservatives, and head for the refrigerated section where you’ll find the real thing. We’ll be waiting!





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