About Us

Real Broth, Brewed Right.

There are no shortcuts to making the most delicious broth. At Five Way, our slow-cooked broth is crafted with care from beginning to end.

Clean Broth from the Beginning

Our founder, John Hopkins, began selling his homemade broths at farmer's markets in 2016.  From day one, the company's mission has been about making real, fresh (refrigerated), flavorful, intensely nutritious broths using time-honored techniques and locally sourced ingredients.

No Shortcuts, Ever

Developed in collaboration with a chef and nutritionist, our bone broths are simmered for hours to ensure that we extract all the vital proteins, collagen, vitamins, and nutrients from our ingredients in order to maximize its health-boosting qualities. A diet rich in bone broth has been proven to promote immunity, aid digestion, reduce inflammation, soothe sore joints, speed muscle recovery, and more. While many off-the-shelf broths are high in sodium and artificial flavors, Five Way prides itself on producing products that are fresh, preservative-free, and filled with nutrients. There is no compromise; this is homemade without the hassle.

Good for You and the Planet, too

Our broths are not just good for you; they are good for the planet. Five Way Foods is proud to use locally-sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers for our delicious and healthful broths. We work closely with New England-based farms and fishermen to source quality bones, vegetables and herbs while minimizing food waste by up-cycling bones…. material which otherwise would be discarded.


We invite you to enjoy our broths in many ways: in a soup, a stir-fry, a risotto, a sauce, or sip as a nourishing beverage. Explore our curated recipes for fresh ideas


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