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Boston Globe - "He Makes Bone Broth So You Don't Have To"

Boston Globe
"The bone broths are clean with mild flavors, making them easy to use in a recipe; the vegetable broth has ginger and is subtly sweet from parsnips. They are tasty enough to drink straight from the glass bottle."

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Edible Boston - "Five Way Foods"

edible Boston
"The magic his broths create in a dish at home — or by themselves as a drink — justify the hours it takes Hopkins to make one batch and the slightly higher price point for the consumer."

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Healthy Chicks -  "My Love Affair with Five Way Foods Bone Broth - Plus Natural Ways to Cleanse the Body & Improve Digestion"

Healthy Chicks
"I especially love that they source from local farms & purveyors like Red’s Best Seafood, Walden Local Meat Co., and Russo’s Market. Knowing where my food is coming from is extremely important to me!"

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Healthy Chicks -  "Best Ways to Incorporate Gut-Healthy Bone Broth Into Your Diet (Featuring Five Way Foods)"

Healthy Chicks"My all-time personal favorite is Five Way Foods, a local Boston company that sources their ingredients locally without any preservatives. Their broth is simmered for hours, extracting all the good-for-you vitamins, minerals and proteins."

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