Replenish Broth Kit

Replenish Broth Kit

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Research shows that a diet rich in bone broth promotes immunity, aids digestion, reduces inflammation, soothes sore joints, speeds muscle recovery, and more.

So we worked with a nutritionist to develop broth kits specially designed to help you meet your goals!

To fuel your active life, we designed the Replenish Broth Kit with diet and nutritional instructions to make broth part of your daily diet.  Stay hydrated and refreshed with Five Way Foods Broths. The Replenish Broth Kit includes:

(4) Bottles of Five Way Foods Broths, including 2 Veggie, 1 Fish, and 1 Chicken.

(1) Nutritional guide, including daily instructions for including broth in your diet with recipes and nutritional guidelines. 

This kit ships free!